isa goes to Cancun

Sea turtle on the beach of Cancun.


At Westin Hotel eating fancy food: ham, boiled egg, waffles, cottage cheese, and carrots.


A sunny day on the Cancun beach. White sand and blue sky evening.

fun activities

The mall in Cancun called Plaza Americas where you can take a picture inside a shark. I am taking a picture with my two cousins Regina and Alberto.

swimming with dolphins

Swimming with Sasha the dolphin, she's kissing my cheek. We are BFF's.

celebrating my grandmas  70th birthday

At my hotel in Cancun called Westin . in the lobby in front of a Christmas tree decorated with sea shells, sea stars,  and sticks. My grandma was turning 70 years old.  It was a fun trip.

The end of the trip

This is a picture of the plane pilot my sister and me we are in the fount of the airplane at Dallas air port gate D18 and we went home.

me in the airplane

I in the airplane wen my ears popped but I still toke a selfie.


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