Don't Forget Where You Belong

                                                        By Laurel Whitehead

An amazing boy band together forever we thought
They harmonize like gods,
but act like mere children
They are more than attractive my love for them is captive
Their new album FOUR is pretty hard core
Where do broken hearts go?
On March 25th, they were shattered when Zayn, the famous high note hitter decided to take a break
Everyone was devastated
Balling and eating cake
It was due to drama and stress
With their music we were all blessed
Zayn followed his heart and decided it was time for a break
Always follow your heart or you will fall apart
Zayn did so
Zayn being gone is like a day without sunshine
We all miss Zayn
Were all in a lot of pain
He had so much fame
It was a very tough decision
but he followed his heart and decided to depart
You will always be in our hearts

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2 years ago

bye zayn. gone forever.

2 years ago

i like the rhyming words though.