The Exploration Of Spain!

Think of the best when you're Exploring Spain!
By Katrina Tiqui

The Start of our Adventure

Dear Your Majesty,

I am Katrina Tiqui and I decided to leave in 1530 to go on my great expedition, Your Majesty. I am here to go to the New World. I'd like to discover the New World and find various things.  I am from England. I also asked the Kingdom of Spain to fund my expedition. When I asked the Kingdom of Spain to fund my expedition, the leader of the country was Charles V. Your Majesty, the main resources Spain was looking for in 1530 was gold and power. The resources that I intelligently discern for during 1530 Is tobacco, gold, spice, more land, lumber, a few supplies, and other crops (corn, beans, squash). I had chosen those resources to find for because I believe that we need them in this time period of 1530. We will grow crops such as tobacco and it will help us make a fortune by farming it. We would need lumber and few mire supplies because I believe that it will help us build more ships and houses. I also believe that we need spices because it is a source of trade. I have intelligence that suggest that we could land in the Basin and Range or the Coastal Range region. I think that I should travel to those regions because we would find more of the resources we were looking for in those regions. Other European countries that might be exploring the New World in 1530nmight be Germany, France, and/or Russia. Some European explorers; such as Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, was looking for more land, gold, and supplies. He searched for golden cities. I would handle the conflict with either the other Europeans or the Native peoples that I will encounter by trading with them or just trying to accomplish what I came there for. Your Majesty, I wish that you would accept my request to take a  voyage to the New World.


I Am from..

The kingdom of Spain is going to fund my expedition

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That is great, I love all the things you added.