Which parts of the world are most vulnerable to erosion?

All parts of the world are vulnerable to different kinds of erosion.

Why there? What physical and human processes have increased the vulnerability of those locations?

Areas near water are mer vulnerable because there is water, and areas stone to storms with rain and high winds are more vulnerable to those kinds of erosion. Almost all human activity causes an increase in erosion, things like farming and construction cause a even larger increase in erosion.

What is the cost of life and property?

People can be hurt or killed when land slips away or shifts, homes can be wrecked or swept away, estimated cost for the US is over $2 billion,and costs are estimated at $4.93 per acre.

How did the people in vulnerable locations adapt to the threat and prepare for the event?

They can terrace the land, plant cover crops, build in the dry months of late spring and early summer, store runoff in covered containers, build deversion dikes, and edge.

Interesting facts:

Walking a group in a single file line across a field will cause more damage than the group walking spread out.


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