Child Photographer

Job Description: Job duties vary depending on whether the professional is a salaried company worker, a freelancer for one or more companies, or self-employed. Child photography is a popular form of portraiture photography. This career choice is for artistically inclined individuals.

A schedule must be made when working with a child photographer. The studio photographer will first prepare the setting, including the lighting, backdrop, and props. Because children have a short attention span, the photographers should have a wide variety of toys and noisemakers on hand.

Training / Salary: The required education to be a child photographer are two-years or Bachelor's degree ideal. The salary for any professional photographer tends to be lower than average, but varies considerably, depending on whether the professional is hired by a company or is self-employed. The median salary of a photographer, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics was reported as $30,490.

Require skills other than training/education: The infant photographers should have a solid background in photographic equipment, including the use of lighting and filters to create the mood of the photograph. Since it is essential that they take photographs quickly, they must be adept in changing equipment in seconds. These photographers may also find it useful to have computer skills in order to use image manipulation software that may enhance the final product.

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