Big History Project

The Universe started simply with a burst of energy. As it developed over billions of years. Stars was born, new things started appearing. The stories about how it all began are "origin stories" But I guess in this case we'll focus on modern science.

Visions of the Future 1.0

1. Provide a short explanation of the problem.

Global Population Growth is the problem here. 79,000,000 are born per year.

2. Explain how you think this problem will affect the world in 100 years.

100 years from now , Human population will decrease because they'll probally put a law were kids would be limited. The growth isn’t expected to stop.  I believe the earth’s resources will be depleted to the point that mass starvation and a disease will plague mankind unless this growth is curbed.

3. Propose a solution to this problem.

If we don't fix this problem , we'll all end up died because we will run out of resources.

Time cant exist without spaces, that's why people refer to it like space time. The expansion of the universe is not an explosion outward space , it is the stretching of all space .

What Is Big History?

  Big History is an emerging academic discipline which examines History from the Big Bang to the present.

Scale of the Universe on a String

It doesn't seems as far in the picture. I thought they were father apart.In my head, it's way more even than what's here. I've made the conversations, and gave me a lot much insight. This is mind blowing.  So surprising.

Who Knows What? 1.3

1. What are the questions a historian would ask about what happened?

I think a historian would ask what happened to the people impacted by the eruption, how their society changed, and what would come next.

2. What kind of questions would a biologist (or another discipline of your choosing) ask about what happened?

A biologist might ask, "What creatures were living in this area before the disaster?" They could answer this question with data from studying the fossilized remains of the creatures who once lived there.

Easter Island Mystery 1.3

1. Evidence from pictures/graphs: It looks like a nice place to live and the graph shows lots of natural resources.
2. Evidence from the article: well, it says people sailed there from polynesia, but doesn't really say why they settled there.

3. Key differences: seems like the graph actually gives the best reason for why people settled there in the first place. This makes sense since it's still kind of a mystery.

What Do You Know? What Do You Ask? 1.3

1. Come up with the single discipline that you think would be best suited to understand the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

I think a geologist would be good for the job

2. Explain what someone from this discipline would know or want to ask about Mt. Vesuvius.

They would ask what happened, how did it happen, and why did it happen?

3. Why is your discipline the best for the job?

They would be able to calculate the conditions for it to erupt and be able to tell when it will erupt long before it happens

My Timeline

History of Me 1.4