What 21st Century Skills Are

and why they are necessary

21st Century Skills are teachable,learnable skills that will change the paradigm of "learning"; moving  kids from regurgitating memorized information to self-discovery and APPLICATION of knowledge to solve real-world issues.

We Have to Move from THIS...

A classroom in 1930

To THIS...

A 21st Century Skills Classroom

We as teachers must move from Sage on the Stage to Guide on the Side. Teaching our students fundamental skills, instilling the PASSION for learning and the seeking-of-knowledge, and guiding them to learn how to discover knowledge and APPLY it.

We have to showcase our students to a GLOBAL audience.

Video conferencing to other classrooms on the other side of the planet.
Students solving real-world-problems with professionals in the community.

21st Century Skills INTEGRATES Technology to FACILITATE Learning

Standardized Tests are PASSIVE.

These skills encourage exploration, collaboration, foster self-motivation, are all-inclusive regardless of ability level, and NECESSARY.

21st Century Skills encourage ACTIVE, AUTHENTIC Learning

Students are accountable, learning can be assessed and the data analyzed, and the students will learn necessary skills for their future - all through the content you've always taught.

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