Effort and practice makes you stronger and better.

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Five facts that would make you want to read The Contender!

*Alfred Brooks only had four fights! He won three out of of those four.

*During a trip with his friends, Alfred hurt his ankle, which led him not to train for a couple of days.

*Almost ever day, Alfred would run a couple of miles at 5:30 in the morning.

Most of the time, Alfred would loose track of time and end up in weird places.

*Before a match, Alfred would eat a rare steak, some salad, two pieces of toast, and tea with honey. Afterwards he would go to sleep until it's time to go fight his opponent.

Something similar to what Alfred would eat before a match.

*James and Alfred would have his amazing hiding spot. It was a cave almost as big as a truck. They would go there when they would feel down or when they would want to just hang out.

A cave similar to what Alfred and James would play in.

*Most of the time, Alfred would like to go and watch a movie to clear his mind and relax.

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