Three Important Ingredients to Succeed in Sales

The goals for a sales manager is imposed by external factors like the general manager, dealer principal, and manufacturer. The goals are very clear; the date is available, and the sales managers are held responsible if they do not reach their goals. Achieving goals are important, but there are things that are beyond control. So how can sales managers and team leaders achieve success and reach their goals?

Here are three important ingredients to seeing success in sales.


A strategy is one of the most important factors that influence sales. A strategy is the sales process, of how your sales team interacts with customers. The steps you use will determine whether you reach your sales goal. Your strategy must be strong enough to move people to become a customer.


With a strong strategy in place, execution is the next step. Many times though the strategy is in place, execution seems to fall short. There are three parts to execution: knowledge, skill proficiency and activity. Plain knowledge is not sufficient for execution. Your team should know what to do “your way” and not ten other ways. Together with knowledge, skill proficiency will enable them to move closer to success in sales. Activity is the last part where your team is actively involved in following-up on leads.


Putting knowledge, skill proficiency and activity together will bring you to achievement. When you team can merge the three together, you will see your sales figures rise.

Harry Jodoin climbed the ladder of success from starting as a clerk at the parts depot in Mazda Canada in 1985 to National Sales Manager for Kia Canada in 2012.