Do Extra Curricular Sports Affect All Students in Their Academic Performance?

Ben Osterhout

I believe that extra curricular sports have a positive affect on students overall performance in school because if athletes make bad grades it pushes them to do well in their classes so that they do not get kicked off their teams. Sports also push student athletes to behave well in their classes because coaches do not tolerate bad behavior. Sports also result in great physical fitness.

The graphs above show how extra curricular athletics have a positive impact on students' academic performance.

There is not a coach on this planet that tolerates bad behavior. Behavior issues can lead to an athlete getting kicked off a team just as easily as the result of bad grades.

The picture above shows how sports keep the body physically fit. The physical fitness that comes along with sports also helps reduce stress. Exercise stimulates muscles and makes the body tired resulting in a good night’s sleep and being alert during the next day of school.


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