Rules of society

Not all of  the rules are neccessary. Because, in their society they can only ride bikes. If they only ride bikes it would be longer to get where they need to be.The rules are not fair because , they would have to lie. Its not good to lie because ,I mean who wants to lie. If they break a rule, they will be released from their community. So i know nobody wants to leave the perfect society utopia. The consequences are not neccessary. The consequences are not fair because, if somebody mother break a rules and they have to leave the community. The child will not be able to see its mother. Now, they can try to changed some of the rules, but it would be hard and would take a lot of time. Because you would have to go through a very long process. So, most of the rules are fair and most are not. Also  the consquences are not fair. Thats basically the rules for the utopian society and there regulations.

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