Chubby Bunny

a short story about the poor baby rabbit that couldn't find its way home

Let the story begin.

The little baby bunny named George. George liked to play out in the field that behind our house. One day while he was playing around in the field he saw a cat. He remembered his mother warning about how mean the cats can be to little bunnies. He hopped strait toward the fence to his way home but found that the gate, the main way of getting in and out of the field, was closed and he was trapped. He hopped down the side of the fence until he found a hole. a place that was big enough for him to get through but not the mean cat. He quickly escaped through the hole in the fence. After he got through the hole in the fence he was home free. George's situation is a lot like Facilitated Diffusion that happens with the cells. Facilitated Diffusion is when large, or complex, molecules can't get through the cell membrane as easily as water can. So the large molecules, such as sugar, have to find protein tunnels that are large enough for them to fit through. Inspired by a true story.

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