The Pigman


Mr.Pignati : A kind man very lonely and loving.

John: A guy who has a bad boy image that drinks smokes and loves to play pranks. He is also Lorraine's  best friend.

Lorraine: A nice reserved girl who is calm with a low self-esteem. Her best friend is John.

Ms.Jensen: Lorraine's mother a hard working lady and a single mother.

Bore: John's dad a stressed out guy who cares very little about John and favor's he's older brother Kenny.

John's mom: a neat freak does not care what john does only wants him to clean up after each other.

Norton: A mean guy who is Lorraine's and John's classmates #Marshmallow kid.


                This story took place in Staten Island in NY in the mid 1960s.


The plot of the story is how John and Lorraine met Mr.Pignati when Lorraine prank called Mr.Pignati as a game. Soon to find out that they would become great friends. Latter on in the story Mr.Pignati has a heart attack while he's in the hospital  and come back to find out he's pigs are broken and he's house is a wreck. He is betrayed and heart broken once he finds out Bobo passed it sent him to the grave.


Some conflicts in the story are:

1.  When Mr.Pignati died

2. when John's and Lorraine's party gets out of hand

3. When Norton shows up to the party

4. When the police show up and John and Lorraine get arrested.

There are many other ones these are just a few of them.










In this book there are many  things that symbolize different things. For example: The pigs represent the love Mr.Pignati and Concheta had and what they meant to eachother.

Foreshadowing/ Suspense

There are a couple of different things that foreshadow in this story. One thing is at the beginning of the story and it foreshadow what will happen to Mr. Pignati.


Text to Self

The way i connected to the story is because I have many people in my life like Mr.Pignati not exactly the same but similar in the way that they love and care for me.

Text to Text

To me this book is similar to the movie the single moms club. It relates to Lorraine's mom in particular because its a group of singles moms taking care of their children with no husbands and they may not be teating their children not exactly right but they try.

Text to World

Every one has a problem either being lonely or having scleroses and  everyone wants to be the same or alike.

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3 years ago

If you were Lorraine would you have went through with the prank call or chicken out?