Nanotechnology dangerous for the environment

by: leslie gutierrez

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supra-molecular scale. Imagine billions of tiny little submicroscopic robots building billions of other submicroscopic robots. They get power from self-replicating by eating neutrons, protons and atoms. They eat more and more until there is less and less of everything else.Nanotechnology is dangerous for the environment because it affects our health and creates problems with nano-machines.

First, nanotechnology it is dangerous for the environment because it affects our health and our daily life. Research has found that nano-particles get more toxic as they get smaller. Nano-particles are so small they can slip past the body's various barriers like skin,blood-brain barrier,the lining of the gut and airways. They build up over the time, especially in the brain.They cause inflammation and cell damage.These little particles are dangerous for our environment.

Secondly, the topic of nanotechnology is also highly dangerous when it comes to nano-machines.Scientist are working on nano-machines that someday will be able to replicate red blood cells,clean up toxic spills,repair spinal cord injuries,and create weapons swarms to overwhelm and enemy.The biggest concern is that if self-assembling and self-replicating nano-machines are released into the environment, they could spread like pollen or bacteria.This will be too tough or too small to stop before invading every part of the biosphere,chewing it up and reducing all life on earth.

When nanotechnology interacts with bacteria at first they do not seem to be doing to much. Then all of a sudden they start to clump to the outside of a bacterium.The nano-particles build up until the bacterium's cell membrane bursts.The nano-particle clumps dissolve into small units before clumping back up and attacking more bacteria until all the bacteria are ground mush. Nanotechnology is really dangerous to the environment because it may create problems in our health and the nano-machines will reduce life on earth.