Summer camp

When my grandma asked me if I wanted to go to Grand Oaks summer camp I asked "What do you do at the summer camp?". She replied and said, You get to sleep in a cabin, get pop and ice cream, play miniature golf, meet friends, and you get to swim at least once every day. And I thought that was pretty cool.

Two months later we were driving to the campsite we saw this one car which had a little minion thing on it and we just kept on making ideas. The car ended up going to the same exact campsite as us so we asked her what was that little creature was and she said that it was a little japanese thing. The big person said that " All campers come down(the hill)". And there were only 4 campers in all there counting me so I wasn't nervous but one by one people started coming. I checked in and then put my suitcase under the bed and I made my bed(and got to meet my caban leaders). And then I went back to the hill and there were like a thousand kids there. So we partied for a while and I got to sing a small part of elvira. And when we were done we just got to play and we had fun.  Me and my grandma got to hang out and also I got to meet some nice girls named Carly and andmanda. And I just had a really fun time!!