How am I viewed I feel like I am viewed as an average person which is what everyone would mostly want and I just wanna be viewed as nice happy person, the image I show is something positive and inspiring and happy. I feel like my Allan drive legacy is my friendship with all the teachers and being supportive to my friends during school.

If I were to portray a different persona I feel like It would be rude lying disrespectful, not kind or caring honest respectful which is what I feel like I am now I would do less the community like shoveling snow helping paint help clean out friends houses etc, I feel like I do good things and I get good things back because I try to be a nice person to everyone and respect everything and one.

I portray the image of a nice person who helps out everyone doing anything I can do like supporting my friends through hard times and helping my mom with my sister and cleaning and my room and helping my grandma out being nice and funny I hope I'm viewed as supportive kind nice caring honest And funny.

My legacy via digital sites etc is hopefully a good person even though some people who see me on the internet don't know who I am I still hope I have a good and nice person vibe to my Instagram Facebook Twitter etc, also seen as funny because I like it when people think I'm funny Because mostly funny people are happy and that's how I wanna been known as a happy funny kind person who's always there for family and friends.

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