Amoung the Imposters

By Trent Gohring
Mrs. Gilbertson

Amoung the Imposters by marrgeret peterson Haddix is about a boy that is a 3rd child and his friends get hurt while running away from the population police and when they go in to the woods they hear gun shots they think the population police is after them but it is really rebels and when the shooting stops they enter the cabin after removeing the bodys then the boy that is not hurt (percy) finds a secret room in the floor and in that room there is a bunch of beds so he lays his friends down gives them food and water and then leaves to find Mr. talbot he is the one that had helped them a long time ago escape the population police when he dose find them he is hurt so Mr. talbot and his wife bring percy in side to sleep and then when he wakes up he tells Mr. talbot what happend and than Mr talbots wife and percy go back to the cabbin and Mrs Talbot goes to get them while percy stays out side all of the sudden a person in the tree tells him to back up and be quit he didnt under tand until population police arived and gun shots rang every where the percy jumps in to Mrs talbots ar so does an officer of the population police and then he tells percy to drive and go where he says the police officer didnt know he was an escape than percy lied and told the officer he was a population police officer and then he goes to the pop police HQ and works for them and does all this stuff and then he finaly gets his friends free and healthy then there is a appy moment and every one runns away happy.

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2 years ago

I've got to read this series! Good job!