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Managers of large corporations intuitively understand that having a healthier employee population can result in many benefits. Fewer sick days can help operations run more smoothly. Morale improvements can be substantial as well (for instance, in employees that would have had to cover for a stick employee, as well as the employee him/herself.). Of course, healthier employees result in lower costs, due both to decreased sick days as well as health insurance cost savings.

There are various barriers that enterprises face when trying to work the "employee health" problem. Cultural resistance to tackling the problem can be substantial - sometimes executives are uncomfortable with even approaching it, since health is perceived as such a personal issue. However, personal health impacts the company via cost channels - both direct and indirect, i.e. insurance costs and productivity.

Healthentic analyzes your a corporation's actual employee health data and divides the employee population into three buckets: health, preventable, and chronic. You can then drill in and determine what behaviors are driving your underlying health insurance costs, and how to best modify those behaviors. By analyzing your actual data in detail, Healthentic goes beyond the standard suggestions that an insurance broker can offer.

Some of the challenges that large companies fact when trying to improve the health of their employee population include an inability to quantify potential improvements, due to the large amounts of data involved - data that is difficult to analyze and discern knowledge from. Healthentic's Population Analytics can examine actual company data, quantify potential improvements, and determine the most effective program to pursue. After a program is implemented, it can also measure the effects of the program - so it can be compared to other possible program changes, allowing the business to evaluate the true "opportunity cost" of its actions.

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