This ununoctium in its physical form not trafom into anything else

All about element 118

Ununoctium is a element made up of 118 protons atomic weight is 294 standerd weight this element is extreamly active and can only be found in a lab. The element you see here is in its physical form and is not change into any material

here another picture of this element

This picture show how it it is transforming threw these material which show its reactivitie and

Ununoctium is a element that can be used to make b thing it is also used to make things that can help us it can make metel that can be used to tranport thing but its is very radioactive and artificially.

294                              118

Ununoctium   (Uuo)



Scientist from russia

october 16, 2006

used for craftmenship in metals

noble gases

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All of this is true based of research

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