By Cynthia Rylant

Are you brave enough to express your feelings to the one you love? Or will you be too late?!

In the small city of Cincinnati lies a shy, sweet, but stubborn read-headed girl who wants to move back to her hometown where all of her old friends were even though she didn't have a choice but to stay and get used to changes. Besides staying in the house whining about how she wants to go back she went out to go grocery shopping which she loved doing there was someone that caught her eye. It was a cute looking boy who had glanced over at her and couldn't keep his eyes away. Was she going to say anything, was he? One better say something before fate takes control!   

"I think the story was very thrilling and interesting because I was always curious as to what was going to happen next."         
Tyler Joyner:October 8, 2014:core 1

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