Benjamin Franklin
Angel Gomez

          The biography report that I am doing is about Benjamin Franklin. I chose him to learn more about his career to learn about what he did. Another reason I chose him is to know about his education. Finally, I think Benjamin Franklin is very interesting.

         Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706. He was the youngest out of 16 siblings. He invented paddles to swim faster. He went to Latin school in Boston. When he was ten he dropped out of school to help his father make candles.

         Benjamin Franklin went to the University of Pennsylvania. He studied math books. Benjamin Franklin did not finish school, but he became the official printer of Pennsylvania. He helped people when there was a fire.

        Benjamin Franklin established laws. He thought printing was a good job. He conducted an experiment for his electrical theory to see if lightning was a bigger source of electricity. He invented the lighting rod to protect houses from lightning.


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