Pizza Box Solar Oven
By: Sam, Sara and Nolan

Before shot of Pizza boox


Our group decided to test our solar box oven with the idea of attaching a concave mirror to it's flap to see if it would change how much heat the box would obtain in the suns rays. Above is a picute of our box before any canges were made to it. Below is a picture of the results we got after leaving our box in the sun for ten minutes. The top temperature was about 74.2*C. When conducting this experiment we changed nothing but the adding the mirror. We placed the box in the same location for the same amount of time. Before conducting each experiment we made sure the temperature was down to about 30*C to make sure that the experiments were fair and unbiased.

Chart one, top heat approx 74.2*C
After shot of our Pizza box outside collecting data under the suns rays with concave mirror atached


The image above is what our Pizza box looked like once we attched the concave mirror to it. Again we set it up just like the first, this time with the concave mirror, and left it out to collect for ten minutes. The graph we got was very similar to the first, the top heat it collected was 75*C. If you look at the image below you will see that unlike the previous chart this one touches the top of the graph.

Chart two, approx heat 75*C


Though our change to the solar oven by adding a concave mirror did not effect the temperature by a large margarin, there was still a change in the amount of heat that was collected. In the end, though I don't think it worked the way we thought it would adding a concave mirror did in fact work to increase the heat of the box.

Alternate Experiments

Other experiments we could do are, covering the box in tin foil, covering the box in black, blocking all the holes, use a smaller or bigger box, etc.

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