By: Presli Rhodes

These are what can save energy they are called solar panels

The sun can make cars,homes,and even huge businesses run . But all of the huge businesses ,cars, and homes want to be able to run with the power of fossil fuels .

the sun will be very useful in the future because it will make everything faster


These are wind turbine's they save energy . What they do is make energy out of wind . But if you live in a place that is not very windy then, it will not work very well.

This is a hurricane it is a mix of wind and water . Wind can damage things very easily .


Biomass is what could save the earth ! It is when you take old things like cotton , lumber , paper ,plywood and pulp . these thing decomposed into energy .

This is what biomass looks like

This is Hydroelectric power

Hydroelectric energy it is the power of water . It could help a lot in poor countries .

This a hydroelectric plant it uses water to power things .

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is the power of steam .

This is were they figure out news ways of using geothermal ways .

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