Ancient Egypt
Charles Donahue


Egypt is a part of Africa. The main river is the Nile River. Ancient Egypt was divided into two regions, they were called the Upper Egypt and the Lower Egypt. Egypt is surrounded by deserts, the deserts protects helps people from attacks because it is very hot and has sand storms. The climate is generally dry and the temperature can be very hot.

Social classes

Every person in Egypt had a specific role in the community. The Pharaoh was in charge and he was in control of everything. Below the pharaoh were nobles and priests. Nobles could hold government posts and Priests were responsible for pleasing the gods. The Soldiers were next they fought in wars,and during piece periods the soldiers supervised the peasants, farmers, and slaves who were involved in building such structures as pyramids and palaces. At the bottom of the social order were the slaves and farmers.

Stable Food Supply

Ancient Egyptians lived by the Nile River because everywhere else was too dry, the river provided water for drinking and cooking. It also helped them to grow crops such as wheat, barley, lettuce, onions, peas, leeks, garlic, cucumber,squash,fruits like melons, grapes, dates and figs. The Ancient Egyptians also ate, antelope, gazelles, cranes, herons, honey, caviar and fish they caught from the Nile.

Religious Beliefs

Religion was very important to the Ancient Egyptians.The religion of Ancient Egypt was a polytheistic religion,which means many gods. Their religion had about 700 different gods and goddesses. One of their beliefs was the afterlife. They believed their body had to be preserved to allow a place for their spirit to go to the afterlife.


The ancient Egyptians are know for their grand structures built of stone. Stone quarries supplied the large blocks of granite, limestone, and sandstone that were used for building temples, tombs, pyramids and event The Sphinx.


Ancient Egyptian art is over five thousand years old. Some of the arts are know as hieroglyphs, hieroglyphs are drawings found on tomb walls and inside the pyramids, the drawings were pictures of everyday life such as fishing, baking, family and the gods. Other arts the Ancient Egyptians are know for are their sculptures of the pharoaos and the gods.


Some of the technology of ancient Egypt were,ship building, the calender,Papyrus sheets, eye make up,breath mints and even bowling. The door lock was also part of the Egyptians technology, some of the keys were over two feet long. The Egyptians also tried to take care of their teeth with the invontion of toothpaste.

Written language

Hieroglyphic are the original form of writing in which all other form of writings have evolved. A man who earned his living by writing hieroglyphs was called a scribe, scribes in Ancient Egypt were very important people.The ancient Egyptians believed it was important to keep written records.

Connections to Life Today

Some connections to Ancient Egypt that we still have today, are board games, bowling, bread and wine. Today we can still see the pyramids and the sphinx the ancient Egyptians built. The way the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids with 2 ton blocks effects the way we build buildings today.

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