Mobile Apps for Teaching

The best educational apps to use in school.

Google Earth
It is a great app that can be used to locate countries, cities, towns around the world. This app can be accessed through the internet and on mobile devices such as iPods and iPads. It can be used to calculate the distance between locations as well. Google Earth is a free app.

This app is one convenient place to keep all mathematical formulas in one place. It gives students a chance to better understand what is going on in Algebra, Trigonometry and Statistics.

Quickvoice Recorder
It is an app designed to take voice records and convert them into written words. These voice recorders can be used to send texts and write emails. This app would be beneficial to record ideas in group projects.

A 3D app designed to show how the body functions. It shows exactly which body parts are being used in an exercise. For example, a squat or lunge.This app would be great for a Physical Education or Health class.

This app is free and useful app to keep all your notes located in one place. It is a productivity app which allows students to take pictures, write to do lisle, make voice notes anywhere and anytime.

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