Industrial Revolution Summary-Emma Wagner-Hour 7

The Industrial Revolution involved many events & parts. One thing was the advancement in technology. A lot of technology was invented during the Industrial Revolution such as the electric motor, dynamo, phonograph, storage battery, electric pen & much more. These inventions have changed history forever & our society today has evolved since those inventions. Because of these inventions, we now have cars & motorcycles that run on motors, pens that no longer allow you to carry around ink, a cell phone & computer that no longer need you to have a dynamo, batteries that are smaller than most fingers & many more things that have evolved since that time. The inventors from the Industrial Revolution inspired many & our society is still evolving to many more things that the inventors from the Industrial Revolution would never imagine of thinking about. Technology today is much more complex than the technology back then & those inventors will always be apart of history & be remembered for evolving our society to what it is now. Technology changed our world as we know it today.

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