Our Aquarium Tank

By: Matthew H. and Thomas

*Spotted African Leaf Fish*This unique fish can grow up to six inches. It needs its water temperature at 72 degrees to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. It swims in the middle of the tank. It is peaceful with fish its size. It likes to hide in hardy plants or bogwood. It needs to live in a tank with 30 gallons. It loves to eat small fish, worms, and larve! They are $8.99 each.

* Kenyi African Cichlid* BELOW*

$6.89 each:)

This fish also grows a max. of 6in. It needs the temperature between 72 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Its swimming level is middle to bottom. It also needs 29+ gallons of water. It likes to hide in rocks or driftwood. It may be harmful  to its own species because there are different types. It is also carnivorous and eats a variety of meat.

*Angel Fish*

The angel fish grows up to 6in. It needs the temperature at 76 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. It needs 29+ gallons of water. It is shy and needs plants for cover. It can also, like the other fish, eat diet frozen meat, foods. They are $4.99 each.

Awesome angel fish!

Tank Size

We ordered the medium tank. This is 36 "L" by 15 "W" by 20 "H" inches. It cost $225.It had a volume of 6.3 feet3. This contains 47.25 gallons- rounded to 47 gallons.

Something like that but, a little smaller


We brought 2 inches of white gravel.The gravel has a volume of  1080"3.We brought 15 bags of gravel, to fill the bottom of the tank.It cost a total of $82.50.

White gravel

Tank Decorations

We included a variety of tank decorations that would fit each fish the best. The Kenyi African Cichlid needed driftwood . We got tall driftwood! For the Angel Fish and the Spotted African Leaf Fish, we brought a jungle pod-medium.They needed   some plants.These  decorations were specific for each fish. However, to make our tank  a little bit royal; we brought  a castle bridge!

Jungle pod- medium:12$
Tall driftwood 40$
Looks like this, in fish tank:30$ castle bridge.

Itemized Budget



A= Spotted African Leaf Fish. B= Kenyi African Cichlid. C=Angel Fish.The equation is 3a+3c+1b=7 fish. The Spotted African Leaf Fish costs $8.99 each, for a total of 26.97$.The Kenyi African Cichlid costs $6.89 each,for a total of $6.89.The Angel Fish costs $4.99 each,for a total of $14.97. The total cost ,without tax , is $48.83.This is how much we paid for the fish.

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