Jobs Fair Preparation & Strategy by StepLinkIndia

StepLinkIndia Job Fairs are open to Fresher and experienced applicant who are seeking professional career opportunities. Here are some helpful tips to make your job fair a productive experience. As a candidate for employment, job fairs are an important method of making personal contacts with organizations that are in a position to hire new employees. At a job fair, you have the opportunity to conduct informational interviews with employers to help you gain insight into the kinds of jobs that are out there and the types of backgrounds and experiences employers are seeking.

Learn who’s Coming Ahead of Time

  • Visit the Career Services webpage for information on companies attending the job fair.
  • Develop a list of employers with whom you plan to speak. Research their employment opportunities, company products and services.
  • Keep in mind all the factors to consider regarding the job. They include location of employment, type of position, job responsibilities, corporate culture, pay and benefits.
  • Contact Employers of Interest Prior to the Job Fair

  • Send a cover letter and resume (via e-mail or ground mail) to companies you plan to visit at the Job Fair.
  • Let the employer know that you look forward to meeting him/her at the job fair. Describe your educational and career background, qualifications, and experiences that best relate to the position requirements and the specific company.
  • Schedule with a Career Services counselor if you need assistance preparing for the Job Fair, or writing a job search letter and resume.
  • Prepare a 45 Second Verbal Summary of Your Qualifications

  • Plan to engage in brief, formal interviews with employers regarding your qualifications and their employment needs.
  • • Review your resume and be prepared to present a 45 second summary of your educational and career background, qualifications, work experiences, and career interests.

    • Be prepared to ask relevant questions.

    • Describe how your skills match those of the position in which you are interested. Promote your abilities.

    • Be prepared to schedule interviews with employers later in the day and/or second interviews in the following weeks.

    Dress and Act the Part

  • First impressions are critical. Dress in conservative, well pressed, professionally tailored business attire.
  • • Approach employers with confidence and assertiveness. Make eye contact, smile, and shake hands firmly.

    • Don’t chew gum, drink, eat, or be rude.

    • Don’t ask about salary and benefits unless the employer prompts the conversation. If so, offer realistic salary expectations and appear interested.

    Take the Right Things with You

    Place an ample supply of resumes (printed on white or off-white, 24 lb. Paper) in a folding, leather or leatherette folder or attaché.
    Take your calendar or date book in order to schedule interviews Continued on Ratanmani Complex Building · Room 304 · 7/1 New Palasia.Indore-452001 Website: Phone: +07313071402 E-Mail:

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