5 Tips To Being Safe Online

By: Gabi Ryan

#1.. Don't Give Out Personal Info.

Never give out personal information especially to people you don't know. It could result in a bad or even deadly situation

#2.. Remember Everyone You Meet Online Is Not Trustworthy

There are people out there looking to hurt you but your already 2 steps ahead. Many bad people lie about who they are.

#3.. Don't Respond

If somebody asks you for inappropriate or personal information don't respond and tell a trusted adult immediately.

#4...BE NICE

Nobody likes to be bullied and I know you don't either so don't do it to others!! Don't ruin someones day because yours isn't going well. ( in know it says week but it should be forever.)

#5.. Know Who Your Real Friends Are

Real friends online and offline would never pressure you into meeting offline, personal information, or even anything inappropriate. "Friends" online have the ability to make you believe what they want. You only know what they tell you.

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