Alex Trout

During Industrial Revolution we made machines to do work easier, make it faster, and make money. When the first mill was made by Samuel Slater that changed the american way of life. said “Slater was the first who knew how to build as well as operate textile machines.” He also built one of the first cotton mills in america. The word I chose is advancement. Advancement is a big word to think about I mean we started from using hoes to make planting easier. Now we have a bunch of programs to make other work easier like a calculator, or Google research when you need to search something up? You have all of the resources you need in the world instead of finding books on the subject. from the very first tool that we made to make farming or moving easier we have always been advancing. The Industrial Revolution just put that to the next level, I mean like we were advancing from using water as power, to steam, and to using coal. Now we use electricity and all sorts of power like solar power and wind to push wind mills to generate electricity. These are the reasons why advancement is my word for industrial revolution because of all this stuff we have made and done like going to the moon.

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