Marine Biology

Description of the Career-

* Is the scientific study of organisms in the ocean or other marine or brackish bodies of water.

*They go look at the beauty of the ocean when they do this

Required Skills-

*Excellent oral and written communication skills, to be able to swim and scuba dive, an analytically mind and a logical approach to problem solving

*You need to be able to swim to study, Know how to communicate with opartner, learn how to solve problems

Education Requirements-

* basic understanding of science in general Chemistry and Physics and mathematics at least up to Calculus. Computer, technical/electrical, and typing skills would also be helpful.

*Texas A and M is a college where this courses can be taken


*You can expect to earn when you first start- $39,700

*The average salary is- $77,630

*You can expect to earn, for several years- $124,680

Future Outlook-

*Not very hard just make good grades and do the courses to be a Marine Biology

*Yes it does have a long future, the ocean is 70% of the earth more than land,we find more new species and how can we use the ocean to helps in the future


*If you love science, underwater creatures, and researching life, then consider a career as a marine biologist. The benefits are never ending in this special field.

Similar Careers to your chosen career-

*Agronomist, Environmental Engineer, Marine/Fisheries Worker, Animal Scientist, Environmental Protection, Marine Geologist

Why you Picked this Career to Explore-

*What interests me I love learn new things especially if it involves fish or the ocean

*I think I would fit this career because I love the amazing sea life and I love the ocean



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