For all of your civilized needs!


          Come to the most civilized area there is... Mesopotamia! Here you will find all of your needs such as government, a stable food supply, technology, the arts, any much more! This is the best place around!

Where is Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia is conveniently located in between the Euphrates river and the Tigris river. The rivers are located in the fertile crescent near Egypt in Africa. Mesopotamia is also called " The land between the rivers". ( That is what Mesopotamia means)

Why do you want to go there?

One of the amazing features about Mesopotamia is that we already have water and irrigation systems and a stable food supply. Mesopotamia is also located in the Fertile Crescent.

Another amazing feature about Mesopotamia is that we have a lot of amazing technology such as the wheel, the plow, the sun dial. We also have a form of writing called cuneiform.

The third feature that I am going to talk about is the religion. If you want to be a person of polytheism, you can. We also have a lot of ziggerats(temples).  

One of the other features about Mesopotamia is the government. There are a lot of laws that king Hammurabi had made. These laws were called Hammurabi's code. These are the some of the ancient empires in Mesopotamia: The Akkadians, The Babylonians, The Assyrians, and The NeoBabylonians. Paste to URL.

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