My Rockin' Summer

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My Summer basically consisted of me fasting all day and having time fly by, by sleeping all day & staying up all night. Like I stated, During the Summer I had to fast, meaning from about 5:10-ish to about 8:40-ish, I couldn't eat or drink. I basically stayed up all night and went asleep at about 9am then woke up at about 5 or 6, to go to Center (a Mosque) & breaking my fast there and praying tarawheeh, which is prayed at about 11pm or 12am.


1. Playing PC games.

2. Center Mosque.

3. My Family & Friends at the Mosque.

4. The Walking Dead = TV Show

5. My best moment of my Summer was probably just being able to go home & relax, to be able to sleep at whatever time I want without worrying about school the following day.

6. Justin Bieber - Baby = Favorite Song


I spent most my Summer evenings here.

The Center and far Right pictures are the Mosque I went to during the Summer.



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