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Joshua Hayes

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Level 3 Creative Media Production Student

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Hell on Earth

Hell on Earth is the name of the film trailer that i made for a unit during my Level 2 Media course.This was the final project of the year and it was supposed to allow us to showcase the skills we had learnt throughout the year. i think it went really well and although i could have done better and would be able to do a lot better now i am still proud of the trailer and stand by it.

This was my first major project while at college. I think it went really well for the time. I could do better now but when i created it, It was my first time video editing and i found out how much i enjoyed editing. We did the filming as a group but I had to do the editing on my own.

DVD Menu

During my Level 3 course I was asked to create a DVD Menu for any film I want. I decided to create a DVD Menu for my level 2 film trailer Hell on Earth. I decided to do this because it would allow me more creative freedom and I decided to create some backgrounds for the menu on Photoshop. I added some examples of my Photoshop work and I also added some examples of the menu's I created for the project.

I created this image after watching a tutorial on how to do it. The tutorial had its own images in a download pack which I used before trying to recreate it from memory and using images I found using creative commons. The image you see is the one i created using my own images.

This is another image i created on Photoshop after watching a tutorial. I tried to recreate it from memory but I couldn't find the right images to use. This is why i didn't feel comfortable using it for my menus. But I am still proud of it because I had to improvise with some images as i couldn't access them from the download pack. As you can see the tree on the right hand side is out of shape and proportion as I had to find it myself and it didn't fit into the image very well. i was going to use this image for the Bonus Features menu but i created another one for the menu.

I think my Main Menu looks plain and too boring so i spent a week improving on it and trying to give the image more of an apocalypse look. I added an image of a zombie behind the text on the billboard. I also added a few blood splats, Cracks and smashes in the windows as well as flames coming out and the billboard being in flames.

This is is billboard image after i changed a few parts of it. i darkened the text and added the zombie figure behind it. i also downloaded a Flame brush set and painted some flames coming through the windows and the top of the billboard. i added a blood splat and a smash in the top windows as well.

i am really happy with how my scene selection menu came out. the image behind it came out really well and is my favorite photoshopped image that I created. there are some improvements i am thinking of making. for example i think i will close the gap between the letters in 'scene'. this is because i think they are too far apart compared to 'selection'. i am also thinking of trying to animate the rain and move the word 'next' around to a more suitable place.

This is the menu I created for the Bonus Features. To make this I found a picture of the taxi on the street. I made the background black and white but kept the colour in the taxi. I then used the burn tool to make the taxi look darkened and old. I also added a blood splatter and a smash on the window. I feel like the 'Bonus Features' doesn't look good and is out of place so I am planning on moving it to a more suitable location.

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