Week 12: Another Project Update

As promised, here is the details on the new project I talked about last week:

1) It’s going to be fantastic (which is a given).

2) Megan and Madison were so great to work with. We laughed…a lot! Opportunities like this are what has made relocating beyond worth my time. I’m not exaggerating at all when I say that I meet new people all of the time and, like Megan and Madison, they are amazing individuals that I end up having a great time with. No matter what project I am working on, I always get lucky enough to work with people who make me smile and enjoy myself. So, I want to personally thank Madison and Megan for being amazing. They made my day!

3) Like I said, I met with Megan and Madison for a second time. After searching for a few minutes for the perfect spot to shoot the video and discuss details, they got the cameras rolling and the fun began. Actually, I think the best part of the whole experience happened when Madison, who is the absolute sweetest, practically told a group of students in Grover (and I quote) “I have no right to tell you this, but we’re trying to make a video so please quiet down!” I almost died laughing! After making her public announcement, she turned around and says to us “I feel so bad!” It was the best.

I cannot wait for you all to see how this is going to turn out!

Stay tuned for more ! : )