Fort McHenry- A Model

made from a 3-D printer


What it is: various 3-D printed parts made to look like parts of Fort McHenry and assembled together for the whole fort

Inspiration: At the DHF tech center we had a showcase and the theme was Fort Mchenry and other patriotic ideas. I love 3-D printing and  an instructor named Shawn recommended that I 3-D print a model of the fort, so I did.

Building Process: I designed the outer walls and points first, then got them printed. As they were printing I worked on designing the buildings and interior details. I then cut a poster board with the right dimensions and sketched out the fort on the board. I then painted the surrounding landscape on the board. Next I superglued down the pieces in the right places so they would stay. Finally, I painted the interior and around the walls with a finer brush. I then displayed it at the showcase.

Please tell me what you think, thanks for reading!

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