Justin Witte

Help Wanted: Geographer

Looking for someone to: Study the nature and use of areas of the Earth's surface, relating and interpreting interactions of physical and cultural phenomena. Conduct research on physical aspects of a region, including land forms, climates, soils, plants, and animals.

Detailed Activities: A. Teach geography B. Locate and obtain existing geographic information

Working Conditions: A. Speaking B. Problem sensitivity

Work Interests: A. Investigative

Work values: Independence

Basic Skills: A. History B.System Analysis C. Active Listening

Minimum Education Level: 40  Master's degree 36 Bachelor's degree 16 Doctoral degree

A Doctoral is the lowest education level.

Salary: $75,000 per year

Experience in other fields: Urban Planner/Community Development, Cartographer, GIS Specialist, Climatologist

Growth Potential for geographers: the field is expected to grow by 29 percent between 2012 and 2022.

You can work 4 days a week or 2 or you can stay at home and work and get paid without leaving your house. How's that sound?

Contact Information- Justin Witte

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