Women in Colonial America

Savannah Floyd

The women of Colonial America lived different lives than women of todays time. Women were expected to be nothing but proper, get married, have kids, work in their houses and obey their husbands.  Even though women had many limitations, they are the backbone of the American Colonies.

- Most women did not get formal education, but many did learn to read and write well.

- Since women did not get a very good education, they were in charge of the house. They raised the children, made their family cloths, cooked dinner and made sure the house was in order.

- Women did not have a lot of freedom. They couldn't vote, they could not disrespect any male in their life (father, brother, husband). If they were beaten by their husband, they could not leave no matter what. Widows and unmarried women had more freedom than married women.

- Women who acted outside of the traditional roles of women were shunned by society and sometimes punished.

- Puritan women were taught to read so that they could read the bible.


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