Classes of Animals - Morgan


A amphibian is an animal that lives on land and in water.  Amphibians shed their skin.  Amphibians have either smooth, wet skin like a salamander or dry, bumpy skin like a toad.  A frog is an example of an amphibian. 


Most birds can fly.  They find food for their babies.  They have feathers, beaks, and wings.  Some birds can't fly.  Birds that can't fly are penguins and ostriches. 


Fish live in fresh water and salt water.  They move by swimming.  They are cold-blooded.  They swim by moving their bodies side to side and using their fins.  Some fish eat other fish.  Fish also eat insects.  Fish have scales on their bodies to protect them.


Insects have six legs.  They have back bones.  All insects have three body parts.  They have a head, a thorax, and an abdomen.  A butterfly is an insect.


We are mammals.   We see mammals all the time.  Animals that have hair or fur are mammals.  They also have live babies.  The baby drinks milk from the mother.


Reptiles are cold-blooded.  They have to use the sun to warm themselves.  Reptiles have tough skin.  An alligator is a repile.  A tertle is also a reptile.  Reptiles have backbones.  Most reptiles lay eggs.

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