I Finished The Book πŸ“–

A. The last book I read cover to cover was called "The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian." I don't really read books unless I'm in English . But I do read a lot of like articles like that be on like the news websites , if there was like a crime  near by . Also I read stuff that is on social media. 😏  When I finish a book , I feel like I have accomplished a big step . The ending of True Diary was good , I liked how they left everything in the past and just came close again. I was really interesting , when they played that basketball game against each other , that really made me like the book even more . πŸ€

B. I have dreams to be a pediatric nurse , and live a wealthy life . In order to achieve those goals I will have to start being more dedicated to things I start . I don't think I will need to stop being friends with anybody , Cause a lot of my friends motivate me , to do better and do good things , cause they know  what I'm about . πŸ“šπŸ‘