the first topic I want to talk about is why do people like baseball and how many people like it. There is a total of 76 million fans that attempt major league baseball. People like baseball because people love a game that keeps your blood pumping. Another reason why people like baseball is because of all of the famous players that played along time ago and now. Also people like the game because when you are watching it you are on the end of your seat.

money and how much do they get.

The average baseball player salary increased 5.4 present from last year average of 3.2 million to 3.4 million dollars. Alex Rodriguez is the number one player to make the most money and he plays with the yankes. Alex Rodriguez has makes 33 million dollars. To get all that money you need to know the three basic thinks to play. The three basic thinks are hitting, fielding, and a good arm.   

what skill you need to make the major league baseball(MLB).

The first think you need to play baseball is to know how to hit, the second think is to know how to field a baseball, and the last think is to have a good arm. You have to have these things so that you can make the (MLB). You need to have good batting so that you can hit people in and score points. The second thing you need to play baseball is to know how to field the ball ,so that you can make amazing plays and if your know how to field the other team wont score a lot. There is one more thing that u need to be a good baseball player and maybe make the (MLB) and that is a good throwing arm. You need a good throwing arm so that you can throw long ways and get the batter out. also if you have a good arm you can make amazing plays.