Spain Needs An Explorer

My explorer project for Mrs. Hershberger By Parker Aman

(1,2,3,4) In  the year 1590, I, Sir Wilbert the III of Ireland, plan to explore the land of North America to gain land and riches for Spain. King Philip II, your majesty, do you intend on sponsoring my voyage?

(5,6,7)I shall search far and low for the riches that you seek, such as gold, silver, and sugar. I will also search for another economical way to make money. North of the failed Roanoke colony the planting is good. I can grow goods like tobacco and corn and gain money for Spain as it is sold there and in other countries. It would be better to start growing crops because no other colonies have found gold and silver.

(8,9,10,11)I think that north of the Roanoke colony is a great idea because we will be able to stop England from claiming land up in the North. As England explores the land in search of gold, silver, natural resources, and riches,  we can take their land and stop them from taking our wealth. If we run in to trouble with the English or the natives, I intend to leave peacefully, so as to not start a war with the native people or aggravate the English even more. If the other race does not agree, we will be forced to use violence on these people.

(12)It will be a hard journey. I expect to see sea monsters, but I will steer our ship away using my expert navigating skills. I will also see the native people. I am not very worried about the natives because I intend to make peace with the surrounding tribes so that I can trade and learn from them. They will be an excellent ally to have.

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