IB Theater Journal #3


October 28, 2013

These Images Represent our IB Theater Classes experience with the 5 day theater project

The Five Day Theater Project: Students at participating schools use one of three prompts to compose scripts, exchange work, and perform a show. The catch? It must be done in five days.

During the week of October 21 through the 28 our theater class worked on the Five Day Theater Project. This project was designed to help IB student become familiar with and more comfortable the important IB projects we are required to do this year such as the IPP and the PPP. Our class had the incredible opportunity to participate in this assignment by creating a play completely devised by us and to perform a play that we received from another group of students from in the United States. My group consisted of Scott, Sophie, Dan, Hannah and I. I think our group had some successes and some failures. One failure that we endured was communication. Our group failed to communicate to the ability that was needed for this project. This created a lot of stress on the last day allowed to devise our play. For instance, when someone was required to do something they would not follow through with it. When we were creating our play, I believe that we were successful in that we all listen to each others ideas and considered them equally. It was nice to see that everyone's creativity was used in this play. After the three days we had to devise our play we received the other plays from around the country. We read through two of them together and then separately evaluated each of them giving them a "yes" "no" or "maybe" scoring. This would help us to chose whether or not the plays were going to be used by our class. After this process we finally chose three plays which we would use, "You Think This is a Game!", which was actually written by Sturgis East, "The Proposal" which was produced by a school in California, and "The Hood" created by another school from in the country. We all got the choice to pick which plays we wanted to be in. I chose "You Think This is a Game" because I believed that the ensemble parts would be a good way to challenge my viewpoint knowledge. I am very happy with my decision. Dan played the part of Billy, the boy who plays the video games. Noah played the part of Billy's father and an ensemble member. Olivia, Emily T., Sophie, and I played the parts of the ensemble. Monty was our director. Our group had a solid plan as to how we wanted to the play to be performed. The other groups were: "The Hood" Chaunee, Noah, Emily T., Emily M., Connor, Colin, Rob, and Scott with Mike as the director. "The Proposal" Sophie and Brianna with Michelle as the director. All groups seemed to work together really well. When we were rehearsing our play, "You Think This is a Game", we didn't have Emily T., Sophie or Noah because they were working on the plays with they had lines in. Because of this, Olivia and I had to act out the ensemble parts and figure out the blocking for the other three. On Monday October 28, we performed our plays. The final production went very well. The ensemble wore all black and Dan wore regular clothes. We had ten minutes to run through our play. This rehearsal went excellent. We all worked great together and seemed to have good communication and team work. When we performed the play, everything went as planned. Our movements were sharp and fit the dialogue and the ensemble remembered all our cues. If you watch the video of our performance you will see that every time we had a change in action we all moved simultaneously and as a unit. Dan did a very good job projecting his voice which was something he struggled with during rehearsal. As the ensemble, we used many Viewpoints. We decided to use the atrium steps because this would create good visual levels and we could utilize the architecture. We also used a lot of gesture when we showed the audience what Billy was explaining. Spacial relationship was also used for the times we were acting out the shooting and the band. We had to be far away when acting like we were shooting and close together when we acted like we were in a band. Shape was also used often because we had to put ourselves into various shapes like when we were all performing "drunk yoga". Tempo was used when we had to move slowly on our journey and faster when we were chopping fruit. The Viewpoint of duration was probably used the most because of the constant freezes that occurred. Kinesthetic Response was also used when we were shooting at each other because we had to react as we were shot or shooting. There were a few moments of repetition throughout the play for instance, the shooting scenes or the freezes. I think that because I took the chance and became a part of this play I was able to utilize my Viewpoints knowledge and connect that with the movements in the play.

What trait(s) did you fall under in IB learner profile?

I believe that I was open-minded and a communicator. I think I qualified as these traits because I was accepting of other peoples ideas both in the creation of our script and the performing of another schools script. I believe I was a communicator because I was capable of maturely discussing ideas with my groups. I feel that I was open-minded to the new script that we received and took this piece of work created by other students very openly and thoughtfully, no matter how silly it was :).

Above is a video from my group's 5 day theater project performance, "You think this is a Game"

To read the script which were performed by our theater class please click one of the buttons above. (Not included: The hood)