Lisa Fernandez

Lisa Fernandez was born in Feb 22,1971, New York City,United States. Lisa Fernandez parents are Antonio "Tony"and Emilia.Lisa Fernandez has 1 sibling -Elise. Lisa Fernandez is 44 years old. Lisa Fernandez has 1 children his name is michael Lujan. Lisa Fernandez played on USA softball. Lisa Fernandez Major awards/accomplishment is in zool finalist for the women's sports foundation's Flo Hyman memorial Award.Lisa Fernandez most noted skills are one of those games she struck 21 batters.At the 2,000 games, she posted a 0.47 ERA with 52 strikeout. In my opinion Lisa Fernandez could be a role model because she is famouse and the best softball player.Lisa Fernandez is a right-handed softball pitcher of Cuban-Puerto Rican descent who established an olympic record in softball with 25 strikeout in a game and was as a member of the United States women's team. Education: University of California, Los Angeles.St Joseph High School.

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