Text Structures

Can you guess this text structure?`

                                                           text structures#1

Google Drive

Here is some information on Google Drive. will help you to know how to work your Google Drive better so that you will be an expert. did you know that you can search for a documentan. You can make folders. You can color your folder.  

                                               text structures#2

1.get your Chromebook case

2.get your 2 power cords and put it in your front compartment

3.get your Chromebook in the case and zip it up

4.take it back to you to your classroom

5.put your tags on one on your case one on your power cord and one on your Chromebook

6.go to the library get your Chromebook checked out to you

7. Open the lid

8.turn on the Chromebook

                                                          text structures#3

If you type in when you look for your wallpaper make sure you type in girly wallpaper not girl wallpaper my friend learned that the hard way since we are all learning how to do it the right way one of the consequences are not good you may not be able to take it home

                                                       text structures#4

If the internet is down you have to do everything on paper when you are so used to being on the keypad and you do not have good handwriting you would not be in a good place. You could get a bad grade if you have bad handwriting you also have to adjust the whole day around that the internet is not working

                                                     text structures#5

you are not good at typing if you're not If you are good

you can fall behind good at either at texting


Email on your Chromebook You might not have There might not be

email at all on an iPad


you have Google drive The internet may not you have no

slide docs etc. work Google drive

slide docs etc.


there is no touch you could have a there is a touch

screen touch screen laptop screen


you can sign in on you could let anyone you can just your Chromebook on on a iPad


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