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              What Are The Possible Ways To Beat Your DUI Charges?

When you have been arrested for drunk driving and causing accidents it seems like a hopeless case, doesn't it? However, with a good Atlanta DUI lawyer acting on your behalf this won’t be the case. They can unearth plausible reasons that prove that you have been framed in the situation and are 100% innocent. So which are some probable reasons that can allow you to come out unscathed from such a seemingly hopeless situation?

There wasn't any reason for stopping you

Was the officer in charge too hasty in finding a new guilty in a DUI offence? He/she should have a valid reason to detain, stop, or arrest you under such charges. If there is no evidence regarding this, there is a high chance that you will get a dismissal with an attorney working on your behalf. Police needs to have a reasonable belief or suspicion that you are engaging in criminal activities before they actually go around stopping the car, conduct investigation, or actually arrest you. They cannot use the evidence obtained after stopping you against your case. This includes breath/blood results, anything that you tell the officer, or sobriety field test.

Unreliable blood tests

For the officer to order a drawing of blood from the suspect, a warrant is required. The police cannot force you to undergo such tests without any valid reason. While exigent circumstances may compel the law enforcers to do away with such formalities, it doesn't apply for normal suspected DUI cases. Such forcibly gathered evidence wouldn't work against you. Any experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer can help you effectively in such situations.

You aren't drunk from the legal point of view

Legal definition of being drunk may differ from informal descriptions of the same. Alcohol whiff on the breath, slurred speech, and bloodshot eyes do not follow that you are probable candidate for DUI. These are at best a conjecture that doesn’t stand a chance in the court. For the conviction to come about, BAC levels are required.

Medical condition and diet

Certain medical conditions like gastro esophagealreflux GERD heartburn may interfere with accuracy of results associated with your breath tests. Such conditions lead to acid flow from stomach towards the mouth leading to results showing incorrect levels of BAC. Similarly, if you are on certain dieting regime like Atkins-style diet, or are suffering from hypoglycemia and diabetes it will lead to production of isopropyl alcohol naturally. This in turn will interfere with the results of breath tests undertaken by the police. Contact an experienced DUI attorney in Atlanta and they will immediately get you off the hook.

Demonstrate police misconduct or entrapment

If the officer in charge misbehaved with you and you could prove it successfully, dropping away the DUI charges will not be difficult. Similarly, if you can prove a case of entrapment where the police may have force to drive away when you were simply sleeping off your alcoholic haze, you can beat the charges successfully.

To know about effective legal aid in case of drunk-driving situations and get it post-haste do not forget to contact the lawyers at without fail. It can make all the difference between GUILTY and NOT GUILTY!

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