Celebs & their handbags

Reese Witherspoon

This section of my blog is dedicated to Style. Celebs & their style that is. We will go through photos of a celeb and show you a similar handbag that Clutch offers. Clutch will show you that celebs change their bags as often as Mother Nature changes the weather in New England. The really good news is, Clutch has designer inspired handbags at a fraction of the price! Therefore you too can change your handbag as often as they do!

Lets focus a little bit on Reese. (Did you not get the memo that her & I are are on a first name basis?) not only is Reese one of my favorite actress', she is also one of my top trendsetters, especially with her handbags! Lets go through some photos of Reese and her handbags! Check her on the left side of the photo, and Clutch's bags on the right. Very Similar handbags that Clutch has, but at a fraction of the price! Enjoy!

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xo Lynn