My Income+Career Goal Investigation

By Diana Jardiah

Computer Class Science-Period 6

Completed: 07 March 2014

Description of my Search

The results of my Vocational choice survey (A) showed that I am spending more time working outdoor, Study scientific issues and problems , Write a creative story or essay,Help others less fortunate than me, Manage a group to complete a project, Work in a predictable and structured environment.

After having a discussion with my partner I've made a decision to become a Doctor. Here is a link to the "Careership" link to the requirements for that career|pcrid|8033387652|pkw|doctor%20of%20education|pmt|b&gclid=CK_ymIPQiL0CFSqXOgodeR0ASg

I will need to complete high school, go to college in Nursing Field, spend a minimum to about four years in college. Participate in taking care of the elderly or anything that has to do with things around that area graduate college with a degree Take lesson involving learning CPR and medicines, Blood Types and more.

The income levels for a Doctorl are at the following link:

I want to work in Philadelphia, and I have a plan to attend Community College of Philadelphia.for both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.