The Decision Making Model

Step 1: State the situation

I been invited to a birthday party on Friday and they invited me over to sleep and are you planning to attend the party on Friday and on Wednesday you are invited to a boy-girl party and someone popular is going to be there and people you may become friends with and your parents had asked you its your decision.

Step 2: My options should i go ? or not ?

Im say no because they might have drugs  and I might get drunk and try to leave and get into my car and get into car crash and maybe kill myself and something might happen on the way back home and i wouldn't wont to go Wednesday a fight may come out and everyone will started to fight back and define there self to get out the party to leave before they brake it up of before the police come and you may get drunk and people will steal your items you have or may fall out and then your parents may thing your missing.

Step 3: Weight the Possible Outcomes

You may end up sick and cant move if they drug you or the party may have fight and you well have to find a way to escape the polices if they try to get everyone thats in the party and stop it if you go. And i think no because to stay home you may get hurt or something.

Step 4: Consider Values

I think i great choice would be to stay home and go to star city or something because you may get hurt at a party. And other thing is to get drunk and crash in car accident back home. Stay home and out of trouble.

Step 5: Make a decision and act it

I said no because things might go wrong and my cause death,  and i would say i'm not gone make it today i gotta go somewhere and help someone at that time maybe other time.

Step 6: Evaluate the Decision

I would stay home and say no because something may happen to me or the party may crash.

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