Racial Discrimination Hits Ferguson

By: Logan

After the tragic death of Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014, the riots, supposed racial killing, and the fighting haven't gotten any better. On March 12, 2015, President Obama and the rest of the government had been fighting long enough and they needed an answer. Just days before on March 3, President Obama was interviewed about this situation where he clearly stated that he needed this to stop and he's going to try and take matter into his own hands. Obama clearly stated that this racism needed to stop. This event could lead to future road blocks like more of these outbreaks to happen or it could also lead to a positive future for Obama after making a strong statement on his beliefs on the topic.


The red circle is a marker to show where all of the mad activity is going on.

The picture above is an image of what the action was like from a street view.

Another on the street view of the Ferguson riots.

Police are lined up waiting for the angry environment.

Angry men and women on the streets of Ferguson protesting against racism.

An angry man during the riots.

The St. Louis Police Station lined up in front of Ferguson.